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Girls Who Code Satellite Summer Session sponsored by Chevron and TFAE hosted local girls in a virtual technology camp.

Thirty girls entering grades 6-11th joined us from across Terrebonne Parish for a week filed with coding, hands-on STEM activities, sisterhood, hear from amazing women in STEM careers, and much more!

Being virtual provided it's challenges, but we made the best of the situation with patience, collaboration, and lots of selfies!

Below are photos, videos, projects, and more from our fun week "together." It's our hope that these awesome Girls Who Code learned not only about technology, but how to never give up!

Thank you Chevron for funding this camp and continued support of education!

Girls Who Code 2020 Campers

Our brave, inspiring, and awesome Girls Who Code!

Makey Makey Kit + Scratch Projects

Our Girls Who Code used Makey Makey kits, an innovation tool, to pair with their Scratch projects, a coding platform. The results can be just about anything you can imagine! Take a look at these videos and photos of coding, imagination, and hard work in process!
Kate & Amelia power homemade "instruments."
Angelle gives a quick look at using aluminum foil as variables.
Rozzie explains how to use fruit as a conductor.
Autumn explains how she uses a toy car to close her circuit.

Coding Projects

Campers utilized a platform called Scratch to learn and practice their coding skills. With these projects, they could make characters and have them move, dance, interact, and more. Girls created also created "loops" and "conditionals" which allowed them to build on their skills and have their characters do more complex actions.  Some even had a dance off and created their own answer-and-response games! Take a look at some of the projects below, as well as snippets from the girls during "show and tell" explaining their projects to other girls. 

Puzzle Pieces

In their STEM Activity Kits, each girl received a 3x3" tile to color and send a photo back.

By itself, didn't look like much but when combined all of their pieces together - it revealed a secret code, which happened to be the motto of our camp: BRAVE NOT PERFECT!

In addition to coding and technology, our camp is also about building confidence, speaking to and about ourselves positively, learning to be brave, and knowing it's better to TRY than to be perfect.

Binary Bracelets

Computers send and store all information using binary code, a way that information can be represented using only two options. Our Girls Who Code explored this idea by making Binary Bracelets. 

Girls Who Code 2020 Facilitators

Many thanks to these awesome educators for their hard work, positivity, and dedication to this project! 
Before camp, each girl received a special delivery of a STEM Activity Kit to their home with a fun (socially distant) car parade.

Thank you CHEVRON for funding these kits filled with resources, journals, books, and activities.

Thank you Leah & Alyssa for inspiring our Girls Who Code!

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Thank you, Chevron!
We are so grateful to Chevron for their continued support of Girls Who Code and STEM education in Terrebonne Parish!

Want to learn more about Girls Who Code?

Girls Who Code is an international program that offers free lessons and resources to teach girls how to code. Learn more about the program at!

If interested in starting a GWC Club in Terrebonne Parish, contact Katie Portier at for more information!