Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE) has a variety of grant opportunities for Terrebonne Parish public school teachers including:

Innovative Ed-Venture Grants:
TFAE Innovative Ed-Venture Grants are designed to encourage teachers to incorporate the most innovative, educational, and developmental activities into their classroom curriculum to provide students with an innovative approach to the learning process. TFAE wants to invest in you, the teachers who shape the future, by offering grants not limited in dollar amount, that make it possible for you to incorporate bold, challenging, and educational thought-stretching ideas into your classroom to enhance the learning experience and close the achievement gap for all students!

New Teacher Grants:
We recognize that there are a lot of supplies necessary to get a classroom ready for students. We have created this grant program to help stock your classroom. Teachers who meet the criteria can submit one grant application for up to $500. Teachers who can apply for this grant include those: 1) New to the TPSD system within the last 3 years; 2) New to a subject area within the last 3 years; 3) New to a grade level within the last 3 years; 4) New to a school within the last 3 years.

Bayou Board of REALTORS® Journey to Careers Grants:
The purpose of this grant is to enhance the learning environment and education of the students in their Journey to Careers class. Two $400.00 grants will be awarded.

Deadline to apply for all grants is August 31, 2018.

TFAE is an independent local non-profit organization that strives to positively affect academic achievement and to fundamentally improve education. TFAE has awarded more than $1 million grant dollars to Terrebonne Parish public school teachers since 2012. 


The Morgan Stanley Foundation has awarded Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE) a grant of $2,000 to be used to help fund our local Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

The Imagination Library provides all registered children in Terrebonne Parish one age-appropriate book a month until their fifth birthday at no cost to their family.

We thank Morgan Stanley for their generous donation and for supporting education in Terrebonne Parish.  Morgan Stanley has a long-standing commitment to engaging and giving back to the communities where their employees live and work and since 1993, through the Volunteer Incentive Program, has supported hundreds of non-profit organizations where their employees serve as governing board members or volunteer.

We thank Sherri Roach for her volunteer hours in support of our community and local education.


Allstate Foundation has awarded Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE) a Helping Hands Grant on behalf of local agent Stephanie Hebert.

This $1000 grant will be used to help fund our Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, which provides registered children in Terrebonne Parish one age-appropriate book a month until their fifth birthday at no cost to their family.

Thank you to Allstate for being a positive force for change in our community.  The Allstate Foundation supports the causes that Allstate agency owners, financial specialists and employees care about most by providing Helping Hands Grants to nonprofits where they volunteer their time to bring out the good in their communities.

We thank Stephanie Hebert for her continued support of our community and local education!


Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE) unveiled its first Lending Library at Hancock Whitney Bank in downtown Houma, with plans to roll out multiple other lending libraries at other locations by the end of the summer.

A lending library is a neighborhood book exchange where everyone is invited to take a book or leave a book. The goal is to inspire reading and literacy in our community, where everyone can have a hand in participating. At the Little Lending Libraries, you’ll find an array of books for all age levels. People are encouraged to read a book there, take a book home, and bring that book back or another book in its place back to the lending library.

“We are so excited to bring Little Lending Libraries to Terrebonne Parish,” Katie Portier, TFAE Executive Director, said. “Anytime a young reader has access to books and can become excited about reading is an opportunity for them to continue to learn.”

The lending libraries are a nice compliment to the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which TFAE serves as our local champion. With this program, a free book is mailed to registered children’s home at no cost to their family until their fifth birthday. The lending libraries will also be stocked with books from the Imagination Library, as well as brochures for families to take and sign up their children.

Many businesses and citizens have signed up to host a Little Lending Library on their property and manage its contents. The first TFAE Lending Library will be located in the courtyard of Hancock Whitney Bank in downtown Houma, facing Main Street. The lending libraries are painted with colorful books and artwork by a local artist Kassie Voisin.


The Kappa Kappa Iota Sorority donated $500 to Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE). This wonderful group is made up of educators and former educators from our community.

Their generous donation will be used to sponsor a New Teacher Grant, a grant that new teachers or teachers moving to a new grade or a new school can apply.

This year's donation from Kappa Kappa Iota Sorority is in memory of their long-time member and dear friend Ms. Althea Pellegrin.

We thank members of the Kappa Kappa Iota Sorority for their years of dedicated service to the children of our community and for their continued support of TFAE.


Bayou Community Foundation President Dr. James Leonard presents a grant check to TFAE Executive Director Katie Portier.
Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE) has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Bayou Community Foundation (BCF).

With this grant, TFAE will fund five years worth of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library books to 11 TPIECE early child care centers and all pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classrooms of Terrebonne Parish public schools with a school performance grade of C or lower.

"Through the use of Imagination Library books, these students will improve their literacy and vocabulary skills, as well as boost their confidence," Katie Portier, TFAE Executive Director, said. "These skills are critical to building a foundation that will set these students up for success at the next level of learning."

Since 2013, BCF has awarded more than $1 million grant dollars in Terrebonne, Lafourche, and Grand Isle. TFAE thanks BCF for their dedication to our communities and for this generous grant. 


The Best of the Bayou Music Foundation has donated $55,000 to Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE) to establish a perpetual fund to issue grants for music appreciation and education in Terrebonne Parish for generations to come.

“We envision this grant to have a great impact on our community by helping to instill a love of music in children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to music education,” Tim McNabb, Best of the Bayou Music Festival Chairman, said.



Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE) announces winners of their Books & Banners Art Contest, whose artwork will be featured as banners to be displayed on Main Street in historical downtown Houma.

All Terrebonne Parish school students ages four through seventeen were invited to participate in the contest, which asked them to redesign the cover of their favorite childhood book. Of the 110 entries, 14 winners were voted on by a panel of judges. The banners will be hung throughout downtown Houma in August to kick off the 2018-2019 school year.

“All of the artwork submitted were truly beautiful,” Katie Portier, TFAE Executive Director, said. “They each had their own unique interpretation of their favorite book and style of art. It was very hard for our judges to narrow down to just 14 winners. They were all excellent!”

The winners are:
  • Savannah Barnett, Grade 6 at Coteau Bayou Blue, Alice In Wonderland
  • Abigail Benoit, Grade 9 at Vandebilt Catholic High School, Madeline
  • Jenae’ Boudwin, Grade 7 at Grand Caillou Middle School, If I Were a Kangaroo
  • Charley Cancienne, Grade 12 at Vandebilt Catholic High School, Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Emily Corcales, Grade 1 at Honduras Elementary School, I Love You, Spot
  • Rhian Detiveaux, Grade 2 at Acadian Elementary School, Jake At Gymnastics
  • Maylen Detiveaux, Grade Kindergarten at Acadian Elementary, Wheels on the Bus
  • Leah Gaubert, Grade 11 at Vandebilt Catholic High School, Peter Rabbit
  • Marlys Hernadez-Fitch, Grade 5 at Grand Caillou Middle School, The Little Engine That Could
  • Maddison Jarveaux, Grade 12 at Vandebilt Catholic High School, The Giving Tree
  • Marquitta Jones, Grade 11 at Ellender Memorial High School, The Rainbow Fish
  • Lindsey Lirette, Grade 10 at Ellender Memorial High School, Peter Pan
  • Jazmin Marant, Grade 8 at Evergreen Jr. High School, Good Night, God
  • Nyla Washington, Grade 4 at Acadian Elementary School, I Love You, Spot

The contest was to compliment the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program, which TFAE serves as Terrebonne Parish’s Funding Champion. Through the Imagination Library, any registered child receives a new book delivered to their home every month until their fifth birthday at no cost to their family.

Tara Detiveaux, Director of Hope Extreme, used the contest as an art project for students that attend their after school program.

“Kids at Hope Extreme enjoyed putting their own artistic touch to the books that they had read,” Tara said. “This contest allowed them to put their talents to use in fun and meaningful ways.”

Artists featured below:
Good Night, God by Jazmin Marant, 8th Grader at Evergreen Jr. High
The Giving Tree by Maddison Jarveaux, 12th Grader at Vandebilt Catholic High School
**Other entries to be posted soon!


Can You Beat Mildred?

After last year’s 5K Run for Excellence, the office of TFAE was left an interesting message on our answering machine. It was Mildred Dufrene and she wanted to know why she didn’t get a medal at the race. Turns out, Mildred was 84 years old and finished the 5K Race in 47 minutes. She was the oldest race finisher. We agreed – she needed a medal!

Our Executive Director Angie Walsh brought Mildred her own special Run for Excellence medal. Seated around Mildred’s kitchen table, Mildred showed Angie her many race tshirts and awards on display. Mildred is a true “firecracker,” a lovely woman who embodies the notion of a positive attitude and a zest for life.

In her honor, we will continue to present “The Mildred Award” as part of our race winning medals. The Mildred will be awarded to the oldest 5K finisher Run for Excellence. Anyone can win it, but you’ll have to beat Mildred for it!

"Angels” Among Us

TFAE is proud to welcome Ainsley’s Angels to TFAE’s 5K Run for Excellence. Anyone with a disability that prevents them from racing on their own may participate as an Angel Athlete-rider. There is no fee to register to become an Angel Athlete-rider. Simply sign up at

On race day, riders are paired with an Angel Runner, a volunteer who has the honor of helping the rider reach the finish line. The Angel Athlete-riders are the core of the team, the person who leads the way and helps everyone cross the finish line with smiles, cheers, and immeasurable inspirational spirit.

To learn more about becoming an Angel Athlete-rider or Angel Runner, please contact For more information on Ainsley’s Angels and their mission, visit


Sitting around the tall table in the back of the classroom, students are hunched over a worksheet deep in conversation. They move around the table as they brainstorm until they uncover the solution to the problem in front of them. Smiles and high fives reach across the table. Together, they just solved a difficult math problem.

The Math Café has become a popular destination among the halls of Houma Junior High. The idea for the café came to eighth grade math teacher Melissa Williamson due to her own three sons.

“I have raised three sons who drove some of their teachers a bit crazy with the need to move and their inability to sit still for so long,” Melissa said. “The popularity of standing desks inspired me to create a standing table to allow movement and encourage team work.”

Through a grant from Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence (TFAE), Melissa purchased the supplies needed to build the standing table. The students worked together using math and engineering skills to create blueprints for the table and help put the table together.

As an engineer for 14 years, Melissa said the most important lesson her students learned through building the math café was that math and engineering are never done solo in real life.

“Groups work together at all times,” Melissa said. “I want my classroom to feel like a real work space. In all fields, professionals are encouraged to interact with each other and share ideas. The classroom should prepare them using that same setting.”

The Math Café has become a space for students of all levels to interact – from honors and gifted classes to special education and inclusion classes.

“Discipline problems are almost non-existent for students at the café,” Melissa said. “Students smile, interact, and engage when they are able to share ideas in a group setting.”

Through the use of the Math Café, Melissa has been able to “adopt” several non-honor students into her honors class to see if movement and flexible seating would help them, which it has. All of those students are taking honors math tests now and doing very well.

“The Math Café sharpens students’ social skills and their math skills.” Melissa said. “It’s a win-win!”


TFAE raised $2741 at Your Pie’s Dine and Donate event! Many thanks to the Reaves family for hosting TFAE and to all those who donated. The money will be used for our Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to provides books at no cost to families of children under 5 in Terrebonne Parish.


Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence held its "TFAE Celebrates Excellence" event May 6 to honor students, educators, and an influential community member for their efforts in education.

Eleven students were given the Distinguished Scholar Award, which honors academic success while overcoming struggles. Each scholar selected their own Inspirational Educator, a teacher who has had a positive and inspiring impact on their lives.

The 2018 Distinguished Scholars are: 
Joshua Fontenot, Bayou Cane Adult Education Center
Erin Rogers, H.L. Bourgeois High School
Tammy Johnson, H.L. Bourgeois High School
Lauren Louviere, Ellender Memorial High School
Breanna Parfait, Ellender Memorial High School
Lane Robichaux, South Terrebonne High School
Victoria Pellegrin, South Terrebonne High School
Ethan Kelley, Louis Miller Terrebonne Career & Technical High School
Dylan Fitch, Louis Miller Terrebonne Career & Technical High School
Jennifer Barrios, Terrebonne High School
Caleb Boudreaux, Terrebonne High School

The 2018 Inspirational Educators are:
Norma Donaldson, Rhonda Rogers, Claudette Kelleher, Melea Eschete, Michelle White, Jeremy Boudreaux, Ann Labat, Nikki Thibodeaux, Chris Brown, Vaughn Luquette, and Julie Bernard. 
The James J. Buquet, Jr. Award of Distinction. This honor went to Charles K. “Chuck” Weaver, the President Emeritus of South Louisiana Bank. Recipients of the award must have graduated from a Terrebonne Parish Public High School, have exuded excellence in a chosen field, and provided service unselfishly to his or her community, state, nation, or internationally.

The 2018 Principals and Teachers of the Years were also recognized.

2018 Principals of the Year:
Cheryl Degruise, Dularge Elementary School
Kelly Burlette, Evergreen Jr. High School
Mark Torbert, South Terrebonne High School.

2018 Teachers of the Year:
Ashley Clement, Dularge Elementary School
Karley Derouche, Montegut Middle School,
Courtney Thibodeaux, South Terrebonne High School